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Joyful Noise, Inc. Child Development Center is a private, non-profit agency which was incorporated in 1978 and is located in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

The Dimity Menge Scholarship Fund:

Dimity Menge served Joyful Noise for 23 years as the Executive Director. When Dimity retired in 1999, our gift to her was a Scholarship Fund to help families with financial hardships. Dimity was extremely devoted to our families. She truly had a golden heart full of love and compassion for every child.

United Way

If you or someone you know works for a company that participates with donation withdrawals for the United Way, please keep in mind that Joyful Noise can receive support from the United Way under the Donor Option Program.  Joyful Noise Donor Number is 3150.

The Christopher & James Memorial Fund:

A few years ago, during the Christmas Season, Adrienne received a call from Maria Giuliani. She wanted to donate to a child care center and wanted to meet the directors of the organization. Cathy connected with her and as they shared stories, they became good friends. They realized they had some things in common, including, they each have best friends who traveled down a similar path. Cathy's friend had an angel named James and Maria's friend had an angel named Christopher. This inspired Joyful Noise, Inc. to open a memorial fund to honor the memory of two special infants. This fund provides assistance to young children in need at Christmas time and throughout the year.