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Jennifer Marchetti, Director

Jennifer Marchetti is the Director of Joyful Noise Inc. She started as Secretary on the Board of Directors in 2003. She began in 2008 as Office Manager and in 2013 as Administrative Assistant. She has successfully completed 78 credits at the post-secondary level with 30 of them in and related to Early Childhood Education. She has over 20 years’ experience with Office Management and Customer Relations Specialist Skills. She has worked in the toddler classroom, with the school-age students, and subbed in the pre-school classrooms. She is working directly with the Ed Coordinator with Bright Stars, has successfully completed the ECERS and ITERS courses and is partaking on-going professional development.

Angela Reels, School Age Administrator

Angela Reels is the School Age Administrator. She volunteered at Joyful Noise in 1997 and began employment in 1999. She has successfully completed an Early Childhood Training program, earning 12 credits at the post-secondary level as well as obtaining her CDA. She has taught and assisted in all the classrooms. She began managing the School Age Program in 2013.

Maria F. Duquette, Education Coordinator

Maria F. Duquette is the Education Coordinator for our Child Care Programs. She started at Joyful Noise, Inc. in September of 2017. She is implementing curriculum in our Child Care Programs while working directly with our Toddler, Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten teachers. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has retired from the Coventry Public School District where she taught first grade for 17 years. Prior to teaching in the Public School Department, she was the owner and operator of Tiny Tots daycare for 20 years.

JoAnn Maccarone, School Age Site Coordinator

JoAnn Maccarone is the School Age Site Coordinator. She has her Master's Degree in Education. She has taught Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten for 27 years at Joyful Noise. She is currently working in the Public School Department as a substitute teacher. As Site Coordinator, she is responsible for the execution of the applicable Learning and Development licensing regulations in our School Age Programs.

Kristi Castore, Administrative Assistant

Kristi Castore is the Administrative Assistant. She has her Associate’s Degree in Human Services for Early Childhood Education. She began Joyful Noise in 1990 and has taught Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten for 27 years. She began working in the office in September 2017.

The welfare of the children is the most important aspect of operating a childcare center. For this reason, it is extremely important to know the full background of any person who comes into contact with the students. Each person employed by Joyful Noise, Inc. undergoes a complete background check prior to employment. Only after all of the background checks have been completed and acceptable, will the person then be considered for employment at Joyful Noise Child Development Center.